Characters from History

Collectively, our cultural knowledge of the Gilded Age is spotty, and we've lost track of many outsized historical figures with biographies too strange to have been made up. So when creating characters for Conduct, we've found engaging examples from that era. We're taking a little artistic license, yes (were they all together on the Lusitania at the same time? Highly unlikely)—but all our characters were alive and well in 1909.

A Selection of Characters

Gaby Deslys

Position: Actress
Skills: Charm, Spiritualism
Bio: The performer Gaby Deslys is known in Paris for the dances the “Gaby glide” and the “jiu-jitsu waltz.”

Gertrude Bell

Position: Archaeologist
Skills: History, Charm
Bio: British by birth, Ms. Bell is one the foremost experts on Mesopotamia and is well known in Baghdad.

Gustavo Arcaris

Position: Circus Performer
Skills: Charm, Animal Handling
Bio: “Signor” Arcaris is a consummate showman and one of the world’s foremost knife throwers.

Sophia Duleep Singh

Position: Suffragist
Skills: Intimidation, Medicine
Bio: Ms. Singh, daughter of an exiled Maharaja, recently held vigil in front of British Parliament for a year demanding universal suffrage.

Also Play As…

Henry “Tempest” Hicks

Position: Colonel
Skills: Engineering, Animal Handling

Henrietta “Hetty” Green

Position: Dowager
Skills: Intimidation, History

Thomas Crawford

Position: Butcher
Skills: Medicine, Engineering

John “Jack” Spence

Position: Steward
Skills: Chemistry, Investigation

And more!

We'll be adding other characters; stay tuned.