From October 2015

Back on track

Hello Conduct fans,

Our sincere apologies for the long hiatus between PAX South and any substantial news on our side. We are still fully committed to finishing Conduct and getting it out to you. Between some health issues, a new baby, and just LIFE we took a much longer development break than intended.

But now we’re back! Here’s a few of the things we’ve been working on:

MODS Cards

  • Support cards that remove effects now work on your Hand and your Discard piles
  • Alternate uses have been rationalized and are no longer printed upside down

Character sheets

  • Moved bio and picture to back to allow us to shrink mat by about 30%, giving players back some table space
  • Added passive abilities to every character to increase player choice and further differentiate characters



  • NPCs now have their own cards!  When they join your party they move onto your character sheet.
  • They also have passive abilities of their own that replace your character’s natural ability while they are accompanying your party.

Equipment cards

  • Revised dice system for combat – now instead of rolling once for hit and once for damage, you roll once and take the higher or lower die as damage
  • Added some additional cards like Harpoon and Large Ham
  • Added flavor text to many cards


And that’s just to start! We’re also working on

  • Editing and tightening up our initial story pack, “Out of the Frying Pan”
  • Writing two additional stories
  • Finishing map art design
  • Hiring an illustrator for character pics, card icons, and some map items

And much more!

As you can see, Conduct is a huge game, and it is taking a lot of work to achieve our vision. Thanks again for your patience!

If you want to see the changes in person we’ll be at OrcaCon in January and showing at local game shops in the Seattle area as well. We’re also working to be at PAX South again. We’ll announce all of our engagements on Twitter.

May your days be full of mayhem,
Jason & Doug