Can You Make It Off the Ship?

It's 1909. You're a passenger on the RMS Lusitania as she steams toward land. And granted, it's been a while since you've crossed the Atlantic, but is it customary for the lighthouses to be completely on fire? And hold on a tic, has there always been a roiling, potentially sentient cloud hovering over the port bow? Oh, my sainted aunt, are those tentacles?!

Conduct is a cooperative adventure board game of strategy and relationships. Explore the Lusitania, forge unlikely alliances, and find weapons, tools, and resources to help you determine what dark hell has befallen your ship—and how you might survive and escape!

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We're currently in our beta-testing phase—lots of play-testing and revising of our cards, maps, player mats, and such. You'll find us at game stores around the Northwest and cons around the country as we grow. We can keep you in the loop on our progress, if you like!


We had the distinct honor of being featured in the PAX South Indie Game Showcase in January 2015 with seven other fantastic games. We had a great time in some wonderful company. Thanks, Penny Arcade!